⭐️ CLOSING SALE!! All Domains $25
⭐️ CLOSING SALE!! All Domains $25
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Brand Transfer Instructions

Once you have purchased a Brand Bundle the transfer will be started within 24 hours.

There are various steps involved in transferring of the Brand assets over to you.

Domain Transfer

  1. You will receive an email from Namecheap to transfer ownership of the do main
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the email
  3. You will have to log into your existing Namecheap account, or create a new account (it's free)
  4. Once you accept the transfer, you will be the owner of the domain

Social Account Transfers

  1. You will receive an email from Namejax with a temporary password
  2. You will use this password to log into the various accounts
  3. We will initiate the email address change, using the email address you provided
  4. You will receive emails from all the platforms asking to confirm your email address
  5. Follow the instructions in each of the emails, and use the password provided to log in
  6. Once the email address has been updated, you will be the owner of that account

Please Note: For security reasons you have to change the password on your new accounts as soon as the transfer is completed.

Facebook Instructions

  • Log into your personal Facebook account
  • Under “Your Shortcuts” click on the page with for your new Facebook Page

  • You can now see the new page for your brand
  • Click on “Settings”

  • Now you have to change the admin user
  • Click on “Page Roles”

  • You will see that you have been added as the new admin user
  • Now you have to remove the old admin user
  • Click “Edit” and remove the old admin user

  • Now you are the owner of the new page