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⭐️ Sale 20% OFF!! Discount Code: SALE20
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Seller Guidelines

What to include in your submission?

  • A brand bundle has to include at least 1 domain name and at least 1 social media profile.
  • .com domains are preferred, but we're open to listing other tlds also.
  • We don't want to be just another domain reseller, so your brand bundle also has to include one or more social media accounts.

What else can be part of your submission?

  • You can also submit any brand assets you want to sell as part of the brand bundle.
  • This may include logos, designs, mockups, etc.

What kinds of brands are we looking for?

  • To stick with our value proposition and target market, we are looking for brands that could be used by makers, indie builders, startups, or entrepreneurs to launch their new product or service.

What happens after you submit?

  • We will evaluate your submission, and let you know via email if your brand will be listed on the marketplace.
  • If your brand bundle get's listed, we will create a generic logo to fit with the theme of the marketplace, and will add any additional brand assets (logos etc) that you provided as part of the package.

What happens if your brand bundle is sold?

  • If your brand bundle is sold then we will act as an escrow service.
  • We'll accept the payment, and facilitate the transfer of assets.
  • You will transfer ownership of the domain, social accounts, and assets to us and receive your payment.
  • We will then ensure that everything is transferred to the new owner.
  • Namejax takes a 25% commission on the listed sale price.